J. Douglas Florey

Executive director of Laughlin Children’s Center in Sewickley, Doug is a veteran practitioner of collaborative and education-based initiatives. For nearly 10 years, he has led the Laughlin staff in providing educational support to more than 1,500 children and families a year, raised millions for operations and capital improvements, and increased clinical capacity.

Before joining Laughlin in 2006 as director of external affairs, Doug served as director of recruitment and admissions advising for the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education. He also did doctoral studies in the history of art and architecture at Pitt, and earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in political science at Duquesne University.

Doug’s collaborative spirit impacts the business and nonprofit communities. He convened the Sewickley Non-Profit Consortium, believes in learning from the past (a Sewickley Valley Historical Society board member) and in investing in the future (longtime Youth Worker Steering Committee and Youth Connect Advisory board member).

This Rosslyn Farms resident also believes in memorable impact of the arts. Case in point: Doug has a sterling memory of The Sound of Music  from when he was 6. At least of the first half of the movie. At the theater alone, he didn’t know an intermission was a break in the action, not “The End.” Young Doug waited on the corner for an hour-and-a-half until the movie was actually over, in tears because he thought his parents had forgotten him. His more recent film experiences have been more pleasant—and included popcorn!