Janis Pereira


The Tull Family Theater is a life-sized puzzle for Jan Pereira, merging her industrial training and organizational skills with heart-driven volunteer efforts.

Jan, who earned a BS in industrial education degree from Texas A&M, wrote training and safety programs for building trades, construction, the oil industry and food service, then moved into executive development for Great Tool Co. An operations auditor for Houston Industries power, she completed efficiency studies, reorganizations and succession planning. An improvement plan was always in her pocket—and not just for the corporate world.

Throughout her career, Jan has continued to follow her heart for volunteer work, starting in college with a Habitat-like home improvement mission and remaining active for years as a Big Sister. In 1996, she “retired” from industry, when she and husband Marc moved to Brazil. For six years, she dedicated herself to volunteerism to enhance the quality of life for Brazil’s impoverished youth. Touching more than 30 organizations, she raised funds to assist schools for the blind and their students, wheelchairs for those in need, girls’ organizations and American-style Little League.

With two children and a move to Sewickley in 2002, Jan was conjuring play costumes, boosting sports and leading Scouts, volunteering with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Child Health Association of Sewickley and the Lupus Foundation (an ongoing cause). She also supports Team Tassy, a nonprofit that prepares and places Haitians into jobs with on-the-ground training.

Next, a friend who knew that Jan enjoyed films approached her about Village Theater Company. Putting together the startup and serving as construction chair, she still finds time for running and yoga—and definitely, a weekend movie.