Classic Tuesdays

Set aside some reel time. Relive the moment—or fill your cinematic gaps—with our series of classic films.

Classic screenings occur once a month, usually at 7:30 p.m.

Besides revisiting the best of Hollywood, you also have opportunity to indulge your desire for international favorites, such as Fellini, Truffaut and more! Screening foreign films allows you to practice language skills, soak in international ambience, expand your understanding of different world views—and enjoy an experience that many film fans only dream of.

You know there’s nothing like watching these stories unfold on a giant screen! You have been lending tremendous support to this series, and we appreciate your enthusiasm.

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Classic Tuesdays

How many generations can you gather together to enjoy a holiday classic at the theater? For each classic holiday film, our announcers will be asking that question to  the audience. The group with the most generations will receive free tickets for a future show, one ticket per generation. In case of a tie, the age of the family elder will serve as the tiebreaker.

Nov. 14The Wizard of Oz, which proves nothing says “ready for the holidays” like ordinary folks who are big-hearted dreamers and flying monkeys.

Nov. 24 (sing-along) and Nov. 25The Sound of Music, connect with your inner Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer as you sing and/or listen to the film that shares the lure of freedom against harsh odds while watching the musical that won five Oscars.

Dec. 5Christmas Vacation, the Griswold family disaster of a holiday.

Dec. 12Miracle on 34th Street, what happens when the real Santa emerges.

Dec. 19It’s a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed and a look at the impact of one man’s life.

Tickets for these shows are available online and at the box office.