ZIP over and sample our popcorn—and get a special welcome

Sewickley is pleased to host its neighbors interested in making the most of The Tull Family Theater, the newest cultural resource in town. We know people want to check out a brand-new movie theater. After all, it’s historic!

To celebrate with you, the theater will offer special community nights during our extended opening. On designated nights through May 25, people living in certain ZIP codes will get the chance to test our new-found popcorn-making skills. We’ll also have special nights for our nearby college communities, including students, staff and faculty.

Here’s our plan, Monday through Thursday. To dig into that FREE batch of popped perfection (did somebody say “real butter?”), bring an ID showing your address or a piece of mail with your address and ZIP code. How fun is that?

Popcorn and ZIP Codes

Feb. 27-March 21505615010160011510115275150271602315071RMU
March 6-91512715061153211605615212160551504215201Penn State Beaver
March 13-161604615001160021536115233160661500415214Geneva
March 20-231520215086150091613615019150601500315007CCBC
March 27-301521415081160031615715078150641504715005CCAC
April 3-61522515074153011611515082150711502115342La Roche
April 10-131522915347160241614115126160591605115055PTC
April 17-201523716123150521611716101161601509115340BC3
April 24-2715046153631603316120150261503216063
May 1-415204150661535015043150171504415317
May 8-1115205151421603715050151061501515031
May 15-1815243150901505915077151081505715053
May 22-2515244150171604515050151361505415006