The Tull Family Theater holds accessibility as its hallmark and intentionally extends its cultural offerings to those who face geographic, economic, transportation and physical challenges. The Theater welcomes service animals.

Patrons Who Have Limited Hearing

Assistive Listening Devices are headsets that amplify sound.
If a film has Closed Captioning, a personal screen unit can provide typed, low-contrast captions of the dialogue.
Every Wednesday, the Theater screens every film on each screen, all day, as Open Caption Screening. Please find more details on our Open Caption Wednesdays page.

Patrons Who Have Limited Vision

The Theater’s Assistive Listening Devices (headsets) can enhance your experience through Audio Description, a running commentary of what’s happening on screen. If possible, please provide a heads-up to the Theater so we make sure the film you want to watch has this narrative option.

Patrons Who Have Mobility Challenges

Ramps are available from Walnut Street as well as from the Green Street municipal parking lot next to the Theater. The entire theater is fully ADA accessible, including The Esmark and Bouchard Family Community Room, our restrooms and our two screening rooms, which each offer both stadium and sloped seating.

If you would like our staff to meet you in the parking lot, please contact us in advance, 412.259.8542, and we can arrange for that. Staff is available for assistance at every event. Email our accessibility coordinator Ben McGroarty, Director of Theater Operations, at with any questions.