Founding Donors

(From Inception to December 2017)

Craig Allen
Craig and Michelle Heyford
Brandon Elliot
Mario Santelli and Heidi Rai Stewart
Mary Means
Frank and Ann Cahouet
Susan Clancy
Timothy and Nancy Merrill
John and Kathy Moyer
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
David and Gail Becker
Ed Fulesday
Ralph and Barbara Gaudio
Rick and Laurie Johnson
Craig and Mary Kirsch
Amy and Joseph Marsh
Cindy Muders
Richard and Karen Parker
Lynne Amato
Thomas and Catherine Horstein
Marc and Mary Levesque
Hugh and Liza Nevin
Rob and Stephanie Pierce
Todd and Mary Albert
James and Mary Beth Bonomo
Jill Caldwell
Geoff and Becca Chapman
Ira Cohen and Judy Small
Bob and Joan Peirce
Bill and Jane DeHaven
Shannon McGranahan
Karen Muse
Kevin and Kristin Brodeau
Michelle Helena Denk
Doug and Adrienne Donaldson
Claire Fitzgerald
Mike and Ann Killian
Sharon Pillar
Dean and Jessie Britton
Libby Andrews
Mark and Deanna Clouse
David E. Cummings
Dan and Ruth Darragh
Erin Cosgrove and John Harte
Christopher Horvath
Glen and Diane Meakem
John Roppo
Arleen D’Annunzio
Courtney Yates
House 15143
Edmunds Family Fund
William Newlin
Elizabeth Blair
Drew and Michelle Raab
Joanne Ham
Tom and Sarah McCargo
Dennis Campbell
Denise Ombres and Christopher Inacio
Renee McAdams
Elizabeth Evans
Kaisa Hall
Douglas Balsley
George and Betsy Linge
Greg and Margot Curran
Melissa Brooks
Glen and Doty Mauney
Neal and Dot Pollon
Susan Dudley
Yunsu and Lara Park
Linda Hilbish
Andrea Lewis
Alice Ronk and Rick Graham
Eric and Kelly Close
Frank and Donna Courtney
Betty Pomeroy
Blair and Barbara Pomeroy
Holly Moraca
Ed and Sarah Heres
Lucy and Ramsey Dethero
Patricia Rambasek and Richard Laird
Keith and Jennifer Kronk
Tom Kristo
Tony and Cathy Renda
Ken and Hope Linge
Christian and Nicole Mangin
Tim and Renee Hall
Suzanne Hammer
Brenden and Dana Foley
Don McKee
Chip and Courtney Muse
Bill and Carole Markus
Trish Hooper and Julian Neiser
Matthew and Deborah Garvic
Roy Kraynyk
Vito Cortese
Christine Kardong
Jonathan and Erin Caton
Jonathan and Jennifer D’Antonio
Steve and Kathe Barge
Kevin and Donna Flannery
Russell and Nancy Furher
Joseph and Jennifer Cagliuso
Pittsburgh Stage
John and Susan Comerci
Brian and Jennifer Fetterolf
Ken and Georgi Fishter
Sandy Hall
Matt and Beth Carroll
Jeff and Heather Bresch
Julie Auth
Ronald and Katherine Backus
Lara Backus
Michael Carelli
Jeff and KarenRussell
Blair and Lisa Merkel
Kenny and Crista Pryor
Pamela Gaynor
Ann Coburn
Mark and Julia Sanders
Don Dewey
Patricia Casella
Rick Gardinier
Jim and Danielle Gillespie
Christine Hartz
Kimberly Reed
George Morgan
Anthony Martini
Beth and David Genter
George and Jamie Magovern
Duane Rieder
George Baker
Peter and Suzanne Friday
Sharmon Beech
Michael Felix
Mark Friday
Vincent Heck
Reginald Henry
Sue Henry
Christopher Modic
Benjamin and Tracey Moravitz
Michael Mullins
Oliver Rea
Stephen Ritz
Roger and Lea Brown
Marcia Holquist Duff
Edward Stack
Robert and Deborah Guild
Rita and Joe Hoepp
Wayne and Mary Murphy
Leonard and Janet Bass
Mary Florence Brown
Dan and Elaine Park
Barbara Barry
Darren and Bethany Martian
Natalie Dunlap
Bob Fadden
David Aloe
Lisa Davis
Bill and Lynn Jack
David and June Nimick
James and Pam Rogers
Matthew and Liza Christ
Peggy and David Boyd
Susanne and Herman Harvey
William Kleeman
Julie Long
Jim and Pat Cavalier
Darlene Nowak
Milt and Lynn Klein
Patrick Gallagher
Marjorie Carlson
Alan and Kathleen Malus
Anne and Jim Cooper
Hanley Cox
Leland and Linda Floyd
Mark and Kathleen Lynch
Jennifer Berg
Virginia and Richard
Fischer Marilee and Ted Ruscitti
Anne and Bill Barnes
Julie and Brett Fulesday
Donna Pavlis
Jean Johns
Renee Martin
Nancy Netchi
Jerry Bisignani
Kathleen Egan
Carole Ford
Janet Frissora
Linda Hedin
Darlene Ferrante
Brendan and Sarah Kenny
Bill and Dolly Paul
Tanya Barker
William and Kathleen Denniston
Gail Murray
Anne Naqi
Martha Baker and John Rensch
Joan Bellisario
Barbara and Richard Berg
Sandy and Don Campbell
Robin Rokiski
Rachel and Brian Allen
Sylvia McCoy
Maleet Gordon
Jamie and Alvin Harper, Jr.
Brad and Marne Busatto
Susan and Mark Cox
Sandra Pappa
Andrew and Gretchen Flowers
Sandra Crapis
Brenda Friday
Helena Pietragallo
Joseph Luther and Tracey Vogel
Susan Mazur
Rosemary McNelis
Stephanie Dangel
Beth de Filippo
Joanne and Anthony Gennaro
Peggy Malady
Susan and Kolia O’Connor
Lindsay Herman
Antiquarian Shop
Scott and Mary Francis
Jim and Marnie Haines
John and Alyson Korman
Scott Holquist
Dwight and Sarah Howes

Rodger and Janet Marticke
Robert and Susan Nitzberg
Bob and Susie Kopf
John Lednak
Tim and Wendy Gordon
Lauren and Tom McLeod
Eleanor Friedman
Chris and Susie Keller
Jorge and Lisa Milo
Lawrence Castner
Gary and Nancy Fleming
Elizabeth Santos
Richard and Susan Elste
Lois Anne and Gerard Huston
Nancy and Dennis Ciccone
Franco and Dana Harris
Arthur and Susan Craft
Frances Merryman
Malena Luz
David and Pamela Lasorda
Thad and Michael Kaminski
June Melodia
Judy Haluka
Sharon Castle
Susan Royer
Matthew and Leslie Braksick
Shelley and Henry Clement
Barbara Carrier
Sherri and Bob Edmondson
Cora Kuriger
Ken and Beth Rom
James and Laurie Bly
Scott and Nancy Follett
Denise Dufour and Cary Blancett
Kevin and Marjorie Recker
Tom and Melissa Doyle
Linda and Bill Roemer
Lisa and Dennis Pegden
John Oliver and Sylvia Dallas
Joan Murdoch
Miriam Rader and Rich Bowers
Bob and Mona Riordan
Jerry and Alexis Comunale
Miguel and Carol Regueiro
Grant and Carrie Duffield
Susie Abercrombie
John and Eileen Edson
Tom and Diane Forrest
Jon and Gretchen Bender
Frances S. Fetterolf
Barbara Cooley
Lisa Rivera and Kumar Amin
Charles Jacobs
Anne and David Genter
Matt and Katie Feczko
Patricia Rose
William Recker
Jim Hamilton
Lora Rothe and Missy Walls
Bobby and Shadley Gordon
Ivan and Ruth Hofmann
Michael Matre
Irene Dinning
Jack Burns and Elisa DiTommaso
Mark and Annie Gensheimer
Ryan Snyder and Emily Lyons
Lisa and Rick Diemert
Giuseppe Floro
Robert Glimcher
Annette and John Atwood
Todd Sacco
George Pacinda
Patrick Colletti
Kitty and Ed Clarke
Karen Fadzen
Richard Papke
Colin Raymond
Sally Ruffin
Susan Jones
Doug and Katie Larsen
Jeffrey Jacobs
Joseph Platt, Jr.
Jim and Linda Edson
Stephen and Karin Robbins
Charlie and Kitty Gross
Walt and Susie Reuter
Shelley and Jeremy Garvey
Bruce and Nancy Bartholomew
Kelli Burns
Chris and Susan Pappas
Gregg Liberi
Janice Patz
Bob Swetkis
Rebecca Mancuso
William Benter
Jody Doherty
David and Marcia Gordon
Richard and Kirsten McCormack
Jim and Carolyn Bouchard
Jane Raymond
Noleen Hess
Patricia K. Kendall
Joseph A. Marrone
Gary and Janet Chace
Joe Piccirelli
Thomas Forrest
Jeb and Shelly Blaugrund
David and Jenny Dethero
Scott and Amy Elste
Gene and Jen Giotto
Chuck and Kristen Hammel
Ted and Lauren Licastro
Kurt Meyer
Jeff and Shannon Mulholland
Brian Jeffe
Regan J. Fetterolf
Bonnie Casper
Matthew Magone
Tom Hughes
Matthew and Carmela DiAndreth
Matt and Sandy Cooper
Sarah Ahmad
Clifford Rowe, Jr.
Debra DiCianna
Harris and Patty Jones
Tim Hadfield
Bill and Melissa Cook
Maureen Noyes
Caleb Pasquale
Paul and Nancy O’Neill
Richard Hudic
Barbara Ross
Joan Miles and Clifford Bob
Jody Clarke Walter
Jennifer Markus
Tim Hudson
Maxwell King
Dayton Baker
Kim Roberts and Stan Ference
Natalie Bouchard
Jeffrey and Diana Morrow
Nanci Maguire
Marc and Jan Pereira
Juergen and Julie Kloo
Michelle Liebau
Cora Gebhardt
Greg and Susan Kaminski
Paulo Nzambi
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Logsdon
Karen Ferrick-Roman
Thomas Kopf
Douglas and David Lloyd Florey
Chuck Moser
Debbie and Robert Beck
Paul and Celine O’Neill
Steven Bean
Monica Smith
Jedediah Kratzer
Brian and Carol Duggan
James Rackliffe
Claudia Pryor
Joel and Andrea Adams
David Allen
Orlando Alvarado
Molly Amsler
Lee and Susan Baierl
Kathy Bantleon
Mary Barber
Paulo Basilio
Susan Behme
Jermaine and Lisa Benjamin
Clifford and Cheryl Bensen
Donald and Helen Berman
Beverlee Blair
Robert and Amy Boback
Donna Bodnar
Karin Lynn Borecki
Terry Bradford
Kathy and Rich Brandt
Chad Brooks
Gretchen and Bob Burnham
Chip and Lisa Burrows
Max and Christy Busatto
Lex and Anita Camesi
Nicole Marie Story
James and Leah Carolan
Christopher and Suzanne Cavanaugh
Elysia Cecchetti
John and Erin Centofanti
Michelle Colev
Anthony and Sandy Cook
Lee and Merri Corbett
Vincent and Leslie Corno
Alexis Corry Leandra
Cortez Lea Crapis
Michael and Elizabeth Debacco
Dwight and Carol Deicke
Robert and Milidi Dickenson
Frank and Lugina Dickson
Rachael Diemert
Christopher Docchio
Bryan and Maria Donohue
Christian and Laurel Echavarria
Rich and Cindy Engler
James Bouchard
Don and Elizabeth Evans
Matthew and Kristen Finamore
Brian and Melanie Finley
Rich Flati
Margaret Forsyth
Renee Freemer
William and Judy Gex
Gerry Gloekler
Suzanne Gott
David Gould
Walter and Pam Gregg
Gary Groom
Jill Grossheim
Billy and Kara Guerin
Phillip and Joan Gulley
Mark Handlovitch
Gretchen Hansen
Nancy Hansen
Richard Haver
Eileen Hencher
Karen Hineman
Virginia Hoffman

Charlie Humphrey
Watts and Sally Humphrey
Martin and Threse Hurbi
Matt and Julie Hurray
Mary Beth Hyder
Jeffrey and Heidi Iliff
Bill and Susie Johnson
Katie Jones-Hess
Greg and Ellen Jordan
Krista Joseph
Gary Kaboly
Craig and Francye Kinney
Keith and Jane Kirkland
Patrick and Regina Kirkpatrick
Andy and Katie Klaber
Arlene Konter
Nellie and Ross Kraus
Claude and Laura Kronk
Terry and Kim Krysinski
Daniel and MacKenzie Kudirka
Andre Lacouture
Aiden Graham and Kristen LaLomia
Alex and Joe Lancianese
Andrew and Kara Leckie
James and Jessica Leety
Sherrie Leifman
Mikael Lemieux
Patrick Lope
Brian and Angelique Lorence
John and Deborah Lynch
Jim and Laura MacDougall
Paul and Lucy MacPherson
Gregory Marlovits
Dwight and Alicia Mathis
Fred and Agatha Mazur
Doug McAdams
Melissa McCarl
David and Carol McClenahan
Colvin and Madelaine McCrady
Alicia McGinnis
Kevin and Shauna McMillan
Gary and Beverly McQuone
Norm Meanor
John and Nancy Means
Benjamin and Cathy Mehl
Simon and Hazel Merrills
Steve Miller
Tracey Moravitz
Daniel and Rachel Morin
Daniel and Eliza Mross
Juergen and Renada Mross
Nicholas and Ashley Mross
Darla Muffie
Dan and Patty Nadler
Angelo and Judy Napoleon
Jeff and Lauren Nath
Carol Nix
Joe and Judi Nocito
Joe and Lexie Nocito
John and Jacqueline O’Brien
Claire Okie
David Oliver
Vernon and Angie Pansmith
David and Rhonda Parda
Kevin and Marguerite Park
Mike and Georgia Pawk
Ed Harrell and Chase Pelusi
Ed and Wendy Pesicka
Michelle Peters
Joe and Kelly Pfenninger
John and Tamra Picollo
Paul and Kate Pigman
Joe and Mary Jane Platt
Ollie and Janette Poppenberg
Dr. Ashvin and Beth Ragoowansi
Justin and Anna Ray
Patrick and Mykie Reidy
Leslie and Rob Riker
Jeff and Sue Roberts
Richard and Sandy Roberts
Rodman Roberts
Mark and Nicole Rooks
James and Leslie Rutherford
David Sadd
Clay and Heather Saftner
Rick and Kristin Saladino
Tom and Doe Samuels
Joe Sawyer
Leo and Mary Scalercio
Gene, Sheila, and Maggie Scanlon
William Schlachter
John Schneider
Linda and Scott Schober
Amy and Griffin Schultz
Gary and Carol Schurman
Richard Schutte
Grant and Cynthia Scott
Isabelle and Thomas Scott
David and Paula Sculley
Sean and Amy Sebastian
Ken Segel
Mandi Semple
Maggie Setler
Sewickley Electrolysis
Alexis Communale
Mike Tomana
George Shannon
Pam Vaughan and John Sheehan
Ned and Judy Sherry
Dan and Denise Shirley
Margaret and John Shoener, MD
Alex and Neill Simakas
Dick and Ginny Simmons
Clay Saftner
Brad Fusco
Satbir and Shalu Singh
Bob and Marilyn Sittig
Baker and Meg Smith
Bruce and Martha Smith
G.M. and Carolyn Smith
Gary Smith
Gary and Jessica Smith
Lisa Smith-Reed
Bart Smyth
Jennifer Snee
Alice Snyder
Bill and Patty Snyder
Chuck Snyder
Ryan and Emily Snyder
Terry Soster
Peter and Susan Sour
Barb South
Donald Spalding
Dan and Mary Fran Sponseller
Aimee and Nathan St. Germain
Ed and Donna Stack
Peggy Standish
David and Claire Stanton
Brent Steinley
Luther and Carolyn Stevens
Jenna Stevenson
Rob and Andrea Stiegel
Peter Stinson
Justin and Karyn Stockdale
Matt and Michelle Straka
Joan Strueber
Gordon and Barbara Strunk
Brigette Sutton
Bryan and Fiona Suydam
Lynn and Charena Swann
Joel and Maria Swanson
Elizabeth and David Sykes
Alice Sypolt
Emilie Szakach
Mamoru Tamatsukui
Melinda Tanner
Linda Taylor
John and Maria Tedder
Paul Tedesco
Bruce and Laura Teitelbaum
Anna Marie Testa
Jeff Lenchner
Kim Ravenda
Robert Peirce
Angelique Lorence
Peter and Alexis Theis
Duke and Annika Thomas
Rob and Tina Thomas
Steve and Judith Thomas
David and Belinda Thompson
LeRoy and Karen Thompson
David and Carolina Thor
Mandy and Art Ticknor
Jeff and Jill Lenchner
Carolyn Toth
Matthew and Julie Tremaine
Dante Maruca
Thomas and Alba Tull
Terri and Steve Tunick
Ann Urban
John and Ellen Urda
Kindra Uzelac
Helena Vanhala
Taye Vanmerlin
Michelle Veeck
Dick and Diane Viall
James Vincent
Laura Viola
Lorraine Walley
W.L. and Barbara Ward
Neil Watko
Jeff and Suzanne Watters
William and Christina Watts
Rich and Mary Weber
Marvin Wedeen
Helge and Erika Wehmeier
Carol and Kevin Weir
Margaret Weir
Bill and Jodie Welge
Robert and Charlene Wells
Christopher and Betsy Wentz
Eric Werner
Clark Whalen
Mike and Grier Whalen
Raymond and Cherry White
Linda Whitford
Richard Whittier
Roger and Kay Wiegand
Heather Wildman
Emily Willets
Daniel and Liz Wilson
William and Mary Winkenwerder
Jeff Wittebort
Kathy Woodruff
W. P.Snyder V
Bob and Sandy Wright
Ken and Elyse Wright
Amy Yard
Kim Young
Claire and Matt Zack
Mike and Elizabeth Zamagias
Larry and Bev Zamer
Mark and Deb Zappala
Jennifer Zeitler
Christian Zernich
Margaret Zimmerman
Missy Zimmerman
Paulina Zunino

2018 Donors

Sharon and William Abraham
Sarah Ahmad and James Wilson
Sandra and Renato Bacchi
Kathe and Steve Barge
Sybil and Dr. Ivan Baumwell
Steven Bean
Debbie and Robert Beck
Denise Dufour and Cary Blancett
Dr. Shelly McQuone and Dr. Jeb Blaugrund
Joan Miles and Clifford Bob
Marie and Peter Borstelmann
Matthew and Leslie Braksick
Marne and Brad Busatto
Kaizad Cama
Bonnie Casper
Monica Smith
Hanley Cox
Susan and Mark Cox
Susan and Arthur Craft
Maria and Bryan Donahue
Carol and Brian Duggan
Caitlin Schweighardt
Edwin and Kathryn Clarke Family Foundation
Scott and Amy Elste
Susan and Richard Elste
Fred Ferderbar
Kim Roberts and Stan Ference
Catherine and Paul Ferrick
Karen Ferrick-Roman
Jennifer and Brian Fetterolf
Georgi and Ken Fishter
Karen Flam

Douglas Florey and David Lloyd
Cora Gebhardt
Beth and David Genter
Marcia and David Gordon
Lois Anne and Gerard Huston
Laurie and Rick Johnson
Susan and Greg Kaminski
Nicole and Patrick Keane
Diana Schwab and Marc Kennedy
Frances and Craig Kinney
Julie and Juergen Kloo
Susie and Bob Kopf
Thomas Kopf
Jedediah Kratzer
Jennifer and Keith Kronk
Katie and Doug Larsen
Thomas Lechner
Michelle Liebau and Daniel Ware
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Logsdon
Betty and John Luff
Jamie and George Magovern
Joseph A. Marrone
Gwendolyn and David Martin
Barbara and Chuck Moser
Darlene Nowak and Charles Harris
Paulo Nzambi
Denise O’Connor
Celine and Paul O’Neill Jr.
Nancy and Paul O’Neill Sr.
Sylvia Dallas and John Oliver
Linda and Michael Orsini
Richard Papke
Susan and Chris Pappas

Elaine and Dan Park
Lisa and Dennis Pegden
Jan and Marc Pereira
Claudia Pryor
James Rackliffe
Kevin Rea
The Regueiro Family
Joanne Rehberg
Mona and Bob Riordan
Elizabeth and Mike Riordan
Linda and Bill Roemer
Marilee and Ted Ruscitti
Carol and Gary Schurman
David Sculley
Amy and Sean Sebastian
John Orndorff
George Shannon
Neill and Alex Simakas
Simpson & McCrady, LLC
Bart Smyth
Terry Soster
Barbara and Hank South
Maria and Joel Swanson
Amy and Rob Lang
The Peirce Family Foundation Inc.
The Thomas Marshall Foundation
Annika and Duke Thomas
Judith and Steve Thomas
Carolina and David Thor
Diane and Dick Viall
Suzanne and Jeff Watters
W.P. Snyder III Charitable Fund
Missy Zimmerman

2019 Donors

Sharon and William Abraham
Sarah Ahmad and James Wilson
Claire Alice
Sandra and Renato Bacchi
Kathe and Steve Barge
Sybil and Dr. Ivan Baumwell
Debbie and Robert Beck
David and Gail Becker
Denise Dufour and Cary Blancett
Dr. Shelly McQuone and Dr. Jeb Blaugrund
Joan Miles and Clifford Bob
Daniel Borecki
Marie and Peter Borstelmann
Miriam Rader and Dr. Richard Bowers
Matthew and Leslie Braksick
Beth and Rick Brown
Marne and Brad Busatto
Rebecca Cartus
Bonnie Casper
Pat and Jim Cavalier
Susan Clancy
Edwin and Kathyrn Clarke Family Foundation
Hanley Cox
Susan and Mark Cox
Nancy Dambach
Carmela and Matthew DiAndreth
Carol and Brian Duggan
Mary Jane Edwards
Amy and Scott Elste
Susan and Richard Elste
Alyssa Falarski
Kim Roberts and Stan Ference
Karen Ferrick-Roman
Richard Filiaggi
Suzanne and Peter Friday
Eleanor Friedman
Judy and Mark Fritzges
Bruce Gay
Cora Gebhardt
Beth and David Genter
Amanda and Luke Glass
Marcia and David Gordon
Susan and Gary Groom
The Guy Family
Marnie and Jim Haines
Kristen and Chuck Hammel

Nancy K. Hansen
Dok and Franco Harris
Sarah and Ed Heres
The Huddleston Family
The Jardini Family
Kate and Brian Jeffe
Gerry Johnson
Laurie and Rick Johnson
Cathy Jones
Ellen and Greg Jordan
Susan and Greg Kaminski
Nicole and Patrick Keane
Patricia and Jeffrey Kendall
Barbara LeVoy and Ted Klein
Julie and Juergen Kloo
Susie and Bob Kopf
Katie and Doug Larsen
Thomas Lechner
Paul Leong, Judy Chang and Family
Betty and John Luff
Nicole and Christian Mangin
Jennifer Markus
Joseph A. Marrone
Gwendolyn and David Martin
MC Endo, LLC
Douglas McAdams
Eileen and Tom McConomy
Lisa Merkel and Family
Barbara and Chuck Moser
Karen Muse
Ann and Bill Newlin
Sally Nimick
Darlene Nowak and Charles Harris
Lisa Gordon and Marty O’Brien
Celine and Paul O’Neill Jr.
Nancy and Paul O’Neill Sr.
Sandra Olenick
Sylvia Dallas and John Oliver
Linda and Michael Orsini
Richard Papke
Susan and Chris Pappas
Elaine and Dan Park
Marguerite and Kevin Park
Karen and Richard Parker
Lisa and Dennis Pegden
Jan and Marc Pereira
Jane Raymond

Sharyn and Jacques Rebibo
The Reguerio Family
Marla Reiter Goltz
Mona and Bob Riordan
Linda and Bill Roemer
Michele and Sean Rollman
Beth and Ken Rom
Julie and Patrick Rooney
Kim and Tony Rosenberger
Sally Ruffin
Sally and Peter Russell
Melissa and Matthew Sanfilippo
Kathy and Anthony Sanzo
Nicole and Chris Sapio
Paul Sapsara
Kim and Jack Sauer
Lisa Schroeder
Carol and Gary Schurman
David Sculley
Amy and Sean Sebastian
George Shannon
Neill and Alex Simakas
Simpson & McCrady, LLC
Herbert South
Donald Spalding
Elsie Spry
Eszter Jacobs and Christian Stein
Patricia and Hayes Stover
Beth and John Straka
Gunjan Kedia and Sridhar Tayur
The Thomas Marshall Foundation
Steve and Judith Thomas
Carolina and David Thor
Liza Thornton
Laura and John Tippins
Kathleen and Thomas Trosch
Diane and Dick Viall
Suzanne and Jeff Watters
Mary and Rich Weber
Erika and Helge Wehmeier
Judy Wessels
Catherine Williams
W. P. Snyder III Charitable Fund
Elyse and Ken Wright
Claire Conaway and Matthew Zack
Deb and Mark Zappala