We want your hardest task to be deciding which film to see, not how to buy a ticket.

Patrons at The Tull Family Theater have two options for booking:

  • Buy in advance online with Master or Visa cards
  • Purchase directly at the box office with ANY major credit or debit card plus cash (no personal checks, please).

Your ticket to see a film or event with us come with your agreement to follow our policies—which helps us to ensure that everyone attending has a great theater experience!

Here’s how it works:

Online on our Ticketing page, just click the film and showtime you want, the number of adults/seniors 65+/college students/children 10 or younger and your Master or Visa credit or debit card. Along with your payment information, we’ll also need your name, phone number and email. Rest assured that we will not share your information.

Click the plus or minus sign to get to the correct number of tickets. If you get stuck, hit “tab” not “enter.”

You will be taken to a Payment Express page to complete your purchase with a Master or Visa card.

Each ticket purchased online has a $2 booking fee added to the price.  (Did we mention there also is a convenient option to donate to a wonderful local nonprofit at checkout?) When the transaction is complete, a confirmation code will be sent to your mobile device. Share the code or your name with the ticket taker and the number magically turns into a ticket.

For regular programming, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’ve donated an inscribed theater chair, be sure to arrive early enough to check out where it is and, if you want, claim that seat for the screening. We think all our seats offer great views but if you’re choosy and have your favorite spot, plan on arriving about 20 minutes before the advertised show time, ticket in hand. For special events, reserved seating may be available.

Wheelchair-accessible seating, mixed with companion seating, is available in both film screening rooms and the performance/event community room.

Classics: Reserved Seating

It didn’t take very long to see just how popular Classic Tuesdays would be! So The Tull Family Theater added an extra amenity: reserved seating for the classic films.

While the theater still is optimizing the process, our guests have commented on how this avoids confusion and allows everyone to be seated quickly. Patrons who commit the earliest to watching a particular classic also are rewarded with the widest choice of the seat selections. So make your plans early for to secure your “special” seat!

When you purchase your tickets, whether online or at the box office, you will be shown a seating chart for either the Large Screening Room or the Huntington Bank Screening Room, then asked to select your seats. Seat numbers will be printed on your tickets and, as you enter the cinema, ushers will help you find that special seat. All you need to do next is settle in for your film. It’s as easy as Bingo. (B4 anyone?)

Yes, stop and smell the popcorn! Wash it down with soft drinks. We’ll also tempt you with other treats that help to make your theater experience special.

Life happens. So if your plans have to change, The Tull Family Theater will provide ticket refunds up to 24 hours before show time. If you need to change tickets, please call the box office, 412.259.8542, or stop in to see a manager

The Tull Family Theater began in 2011 as a grassroots organization of leaders to build and operate an independent movie theater in Sewickley. Over the next three years, the organization moved forward with fundraising and construction to create the venue at 418 Walnut St., in the heart of Sewickley’s business district.

The theater’s primary focus is to bring arthouse movies to the region northwest of Pittsburgh. This state-of-the art space will be a venue for contemporary, classic, independent, documentary and foreign films, as well as regional, national and international film festivals.

Quality cultural programming at the film-based arts center also will include small-scale live performances, such as musical entertainment and comedy shows in an intimate setting, plus speakers and special events.

Educational options will welcome youth and adults through outreach initiatives, extending the benefits of arts appreciation to a wide regional audience.

The Tull Family Theater has three main spaces in its 11,800-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility:

  • Two fully accessible screening rooms, the Huntington Bank Screening Room for 69 patrons and another screening room accommodating 169 patrons, with the name to be announced soon. These facilities with superior acoustics will enhance enjoyment for patrons. (By the way, personalized nameplates are going fast for individual theater seats!)
  • The Esmark and Bouchard Family Community Room, which will accommodate approximately 150 people for small-scale performances, educational outreach and special events. Concessions are a standard part of the theater-going experience and The Tull Family Theater will offer this amenity, along with an event kitchen.

The Tull Family Theater is planning a range of opportunities that will appeal to different audiences:

  • Contemporary and classic films
  • Independent films and documentaries
  • Educational programming, documentary, animation and sound workshops; sensory training; visual literacy for school children
  • First-and second-run films
  • Film/curtain talks
  • Guest curators
  • Speaker series
  • Small-scale live music and theatrical performances
  • Regional premieres featuring up-and-coming local artists
  • Local, national and international film festivals
  • Partnerships with school districts, universities and other nonprofits to enrich these offerings and reach even broader audiences.

The “arthouse” genre generally refers to films produced outside major studios and aimed at niche, instead of mass, markets. These movies may have a heavy dose of social realism and share thought-provoking ideas with viewers via lesser-known actors, directors, producers and scriptwriters. On the other hand, you may recognize some of their names from awards programs, like the Golden Globes and Oscars.

This kind of in-depth experience is tough to find elsewhere in the suburbs. As programming builds, events at The Tull Family Theater will open doors to patrons who might be new to the arthouse  world, encourage dialogue about social realities, and inspire fledgling critics, filmmakers and a range of supporting artists. (Remember Harrison Ford’s start as a set carpenter?)

To appeal to this wide variety of patrons, the theater will consider diverse programming. While serious issues such as environmental concerns may be screened at The Tull Family Theater, the venue may host contemporary blockbusters in their first week of opening, special screenings, affordable second-run movies, documentaries and foreign films, plus live performances, curtain talks, speaker series and more.

The Tull Family Theater team works very closely with a nationally known programmer who secures films for our theater, the Manor Theatre in Pittsburgh and 50 other screens nationwide. In the ongoing discussions about films and programming, our team shares patrons’ feedback and attendance. The programmer and team consider our patrons’ suggestions, but the most significant way our guests influence the theater’s film selection is through the pictures they opt to attend.

Because most independent movies are not shot in 3D format, The Tull Family Theater will focus on high-quality, traditional film projection to make the most of the cinematic experiences it offers.

The theater will be equipped to support live streaming of concerts, presentations and more!

The theater does not have a license to serve alcohol. We are exploring the possibilities of BYOB nights and special event licenses but also are hoping that theater patrons will take time to enjoy nearby restaurants and pubs.

Street parking and a municipal lot are available near the theater. For some daytime events, the theater will utilize mass transportation for schoolchildren and seniors. Pedestrians and bike riders are also expected.

Because many activities will occur during the evening, theater events are not expected to impact parking during high-demand, peak times. We see the theater as an important addition to the borough and region, and will work with our neighbors, residents, businesses and the borough to make logistics as smooth as possible.

For those with mobility issues, a loading and unloading area is in front of the theater’s main Walnut Street entrance, near the entrance ramp.

The Tull Family Theater is grateful to the Borough of Sewickley for making this property available for cultural use. The plaza connecting the theater to Walnut Street is property of Sewickley Borough. Its development and maintenance are separate from the theater; it is under the sole management of the borough.

As a startup organization, The Tull Family Theater plans to keep the staff lean. A few key full-time staff members will be hired. We mainly will seek multi-talented, part-time staff for our operations. If you’re interested in working with us, please keep an eye on our Jobs postings.

Even with the robust support already demonstrated, The Tull Family Theater will continue to aggressively fundraise. The theater will rely on varied funding streams, including ticket sales and memberships, rentals and other avenues under exploration.

Additionally, foundation support, Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) designations from corporations and other funders will support the theater’s outreach mission: extending the benefits of arts appreciation to a wide regional audience.

The chance to be part of a new cinematic venture—one that lasts for generations—doesn’t come around often. It’s culture with a spritz of Hollywood glitz and documentary grit. It’s a way to share your Pittsburgh passion for the arts and join your family name to a world-class cultural landmark.

Naming rights remain available for one screening room.

A unique nameplate option is available for individual seats, which could attach the name of your family or your honoree to a landmark cultural asset for years to come.

Donations of any denomination are welcome and are fully tax-deductible; the theater is a PA registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.
Through the combination of these and other funding possibilities, The Tull Family Theater will offer cultural and educational experiences in a location easily accessible from I-79 and Route 65 to a diverse patron base that can arrive via public or personal transportation.

The Tull Family Theater’s location in Sewickley is strategic. Sewickley has a reputation for supporting the arts and is home to a number of visual arts organizations—as well as generous philanthropists and community members.

The Tull Family Theater is merely blocks away from the Sweetwater Center for the Arts, which offers a wonderful cultural complement to our film-driven programs.

Sewickley in general—and The Tull Family Theater’s Walnut Street location in particular—has built-in possibilities for collaborations and cross-community support with businesses, schools and individuals. Film is a common denominator in society, encompassing a range of subjects, views and audiences. As a visual medium, often experienced with a group, film has the power to engage people, to serve as a launching pad for conversations and to prompt an exchange of ideas. The more diverse the audience, the more enriching these discussions.

The Tull Family Theater will draw on this widespread appeal of film as a starting point for discussion and learning. With the ability of film to entertain and engage, inspire and educate, the theater plans to embrace a wide spectrum of the cinematic world and to cultivate appreciation for the ability of film to touch hearts and minds  among the 247,000+ possible patrons living on the city’s northwest outskirts.

At this point, the most helpful form of involvement is support of fundraising efforts. Donors literally become part of building the future of arts accessibility in the region, leaving a lasting legacy that will be used for generations to come.

A fitting naming option for theater-lovers is a nameplate on an individual seat.

The theater also is eligible for Education Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) donations.

Donations of any denomination are welcome and are fully tax-deductible to this PA registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit. Please pass the word to your friends and colleagues about donation opportunities!

As programming develops, we will be looking for volunteers interested in building this regional arts community. Learn more in our Volunteers posting.