Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

‐ Documentary ‐ 123
2017 ‐

What happens when a Harvard-educated law graduate moves into the world of music? The answer is Clive Davis. After completing Harvard Law, Davis joined a law firm that worked with Columbia Records, ended up in Columbia’s legal department and became president of the label in 1967. His first big star was Janis Joplin. “Chris Perkel’s riveting profile of legendary music man Clive Davis spans a remarkable five-decade career, providing an incredible tour of the most sensational music of the cultural revolution, from the ’60s to the rise of hip-hop,” says the Tribeca Film Festival. “Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Santana, Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow, Patti Smith, Alicia Keys, Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs, and a great many more attest to Davis as, in Aretha Franklin’s words, ‘the greatest record man of all time.’ This amazing film is definitive, fascinating and ceaselessly entertaining proof.”