PG ‐ Classic ‐ 112
2017 ‐

Nominated for six Oscars and winner of five Golden Globes, Love Story was the iconic romance film for 1970s. It propelled knit hats onto the cover of every women’s fashion magazine. Long straight hair with a center part. Strong, straight eyebrows. Ali McGraw is the brainy girl, Ryan O’Neal the hockey-playing law student. The New York Times review borrows the first line of the novel: “What can you say about a movie about a 25-year-old girl who died? That it is beautiful. And romantic. That it contains a fantasy for just about everyone… That it looks to be clean and pure and without artifice, even though it is possibly as sophisticated as any commercial American movie ever made. That my admiration for the mechanics of it slops over into a real admiration for the movie itself.”