The Party

R ‐ Black Comedy ‐ 71
2018 ‐ Sally Potter

The Party is “a master class in all that a filmmaker can squeeze from the most basic theatrical concept,” says the Village Voice.   Sally Potter's black comedy, “is a wicked chamber piece, delightfully retro and highly contemporary.” Friends initially gather to celebrate the promotion of Kristin Scott Thomas’s Janet. “…The disintegrating party feels highly theatrical and … this wonderfully performed black-and-white film recalls in particular Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," says the London Globe,. "Yet also, Potter's comic dissection of the London intelligentsia's personal and political angst is completely of the moment.”   The film is a “gathering of a cast of smart, veteran character actors—each one embodying a different set of values—and setting them in conflicts that obliterate the line between the political and the personal,” notes the Washington Post. “Inevitably, bitter confrontations ensue, as the dinner guests find themselves rethinking their core beliefs.”   “Over a fast and funny 71 minutes The Party shows just how quickly a small microcosm of enlightened liberal society can descend into coke-snorting, face-smacking, gun-toting chaos,” observes the LA Times. “It also demonstrates what can happen when a filmmaker takes on a well-worn cinematic subgenre—the dinner party gone horribly wrong—and strips it down to its blistering bare-bones essence.”

Bruno Ganz
Cherry Jones
Kristin Scott Thomas
Timothy Spall
Emily Mortimer
Patricia Clarkson
Cillian Murphy