The Rider

R ‐ Drama ‐ 104
2018 ‐ Chloé Zhao

The Atlantic calls The Rider "The best film I've seen so far in 2018." Director Chloé Zhao’s Cannes-winning feature is “suspenseful and beautiful—a modern-day Western with a hero who's a real discovery,” says NPR. Nonprofessional actors essentially play themselves: after suffering a near-fatal head injury, a young cowboy searches for his new identity and what it means to be a man in America's heartland.  “The Rider achieves what cinema is capable of at its best,” shares the Boston Globe. “It reproduces a world with such acuteness, fidelity and empathy that it transcends the mundane and touches on the universal.” Says the Washington Post, “Filmed with widescreen grandeur on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, The Rider reinvigorates tropes from the Western genre of men, horses, honor codes and vast expanses of nature with a refreshing lack of sentimentality, without sacrificing their inherent lyricism and poetry. Zhao...has taken a story that could have been unremarkable or too romanticized and made it into something honest, magnificent and lasting.”

Brady Jandreau
Tim Jandreau
Lilly Jandreau
Cat Clifford
Terri Dawn Pourier
Lane Scott
Tanner Jandreau
James Calhoon
Derrick Janis