our policies

Emergency Delays and/or Cancellations

Severe weather or disruptions in utilities, including water, sewage and electrical service, may prompt cancellations or delays in scheduled programs. The Tull Family Theater will notify patrons of cancellations or delays through our website, as much in advance as possible; those who already hold a ticket are eligible for a credit.

Rating Guidelines

Using The Motion Picture Association of America’s rating system and its suggested suitability of films for certain ages as a guideline, The Tull Family Theater prefers that parents accompany younger patrons when they purchase tickets for R-rated films. The Theater also understands that one parent may bring a group of younger patrons, their own children and the children’s friends to the show. Our crew members routinely will ask young moviegoers’ their ages and if their parents or guardians know they are attending the film. This process will be in place for each R-rated film, at the Theater’s discretion. As a community asset, the Theater works in good faith with patrons of all ages.

Refunds and Exchanges

The Tull Family Theater is willing to swap tickets to a different time or show with notice at least 24 hours in advance of the screening for patrons who have purchased tickets and have had circumstances change.

Theater Etiquette

As a nonprofit organization, this Theater was established in a spirit of service and intended as an asset for all residents of our region. Please help us preserve this resource by behaving in a way that respects property, staff and fellow patrons in the Theater.

Electronic device-free zone

The Tull Family Theater is committed to providing a great experience for patrons who come for films and events. Our policy is to be a cell phone, tablet and device-free zone once the previews/introductions start.

Late Arrivals

The Tull Family Theater shows only 5 to 7 minutes of previews before features. Late arrivals will be seated at the Theater’s discretion.


Firearms, knives and other weapons are prohibited. No fake weapons of any kind are permitted.


Groups generally cannot take backpacks and bookbags into the Theater. Bags may be searched by the staff before a patron enters the Theater. If the patron refuses the search request, this individual will not be admitted and police will be contacted.

Loud and/or disruptive behavior

Staff from The Tull Family Theater will ask the patron to stop the offending behavior. If the behavior continues, the individual(s) will be escorted from the Theater/event. No refunds will be provided. This policy allows other patrons to enjoy the films and events. If a patron has a history of repetitively being disruptive, (s)he may be banned from future events.

For your eyes only

The use of recording devices—including cameras, video recorders, audio recorders, etc.—is not permitted at The Tull Family Theater during screenings. This is a felony charge involving piracy and film theft.

No smoking

Smoking, tobacco and e-cigarettes (vapes) are prohibited inside The Tull Family Theater public spaces, work spaces and outside within 15 feet of our doors, based on Allegheny County Health Department regulations and state law.


Patrons who share their emails with us are assured The Tull Family Theater will not sell or share this information with others. If you purchase tickets on our website, The Tull Family Theater and its vendors take steps to protect your personal data. When you purchase tickets online, you are asked to agree with the terms of our privacy and other policies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Theater at hello@thetullfamilytheater.org.

Lost and found

The Tull Family Theater is not responsible for lost, stolen or recovered personal items. Before leaving the auditorium, please check for your personal belongings. We keep found items for a limited amount of time before donating them.

Common sense

The Tull Family Theater staff wants to ensure that every patron has a fabulous theater experience. As unexpected issues arise, we will use a common sense approach to protect property, staff and patrons. Thank you for your cooperation!