These guidelines and pricing are in effect through Oct. 1 and will be subject to change thereafter.

Private screening room rentals for movies or video games are perfect ways to celebrate with friends and family while supporting your nonprofit Theater!


  • Sunday through Thursday: $275  
  • Friday and Saturday:  $350 

Please note that this pricing covers up to 35 guests. Additional guests will be priced at $8.75 per person.

The 50% occupancy restriction does not apply to private rentals. Any occupancy limitations will be at the discretion of the renter.

Private Screenings take place either in the Large Screening Room or the Huntington Bank Screening Room, depending on availability. Rentals include one hour courtesy usage of the Community Room before or after your event.

WHAT’S PLAYING: Any film on the Theater’s regular schedule for the week is included in basic rental pricing. If you would like the Theater to procure a special title or classic, your event can be scheduled only Sunday through Thursday. This option includes the $275 basic rental fee, plus the cost of obtaining the film. Film copyright costs typically start at $100 and vary by title and distributor. Disney does not extend copyrights to rentals.

VIDEO GAMES: The cost for a 2-hour video game session is $275 Sunday through Thursday only. Guests must bring their systems, games and controllers. Our staff would like to test them a few days prior to the gathering to ensure compatibility and smooth operations for your event.

FOOD: Concessions will be available, and can be placed on one tab or paid individually. If you’d like to celebrate with cake, the Community Room is available free of charge for one hour before or after your screening (tables and chair included).

BOOK IT!: If this sounds good to you, the next step is to email Share your plans with several alternatives for dates and times, along with your phone number, and we will contact you. The Theater offers the latest technology in air filtration and purification, intense cleaning and health protocols that keep your comfort and safety in mind.

Large Screening Room Details:

  • 4K projection on 34 X 14 foot, 3 inch screen
  • Professional JBL 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound 
  •  Microphone and podium
  • 169 seats, including 5 wheelchair accessible spaces and 6 companion seats
  • 37 x 67 foot room
  • Closed captioning and assistive listening devices available when these technical capabilities are embedded in the film.

Huntington Bank Screening Room Details:

  • 4K projection on 21 X 11 foot, 4 inch screen
  • Professional JBL 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound 
  •  Microphone and podium
  • 69 seats, including 4 wheelchair accessible spaces and 2 companion seats