The Theater has suspended private screening rentals for the foreseeable future due to contractual obligations with film distributors

The Theater is honored to be considered as a venue for birthdays, anniversaries and other special private celebrations, and will be as accommodating as possible—with the understanding that the organization’s core mission of serving the region at large comes first.

Private screenings and special events became a common practice for many theaters during the pandemic due to strict occupancy limits, lack of new Hollywood releases and flexible film schedules. These private screenings enabled guests to feel comfortable and helped sustain the Theater during a very challenging time. We are very grateful for that support.

Currently, public demand for movies is growing, decreasing availability for rentals or private screenings. Additionally, big film titles are returning and new contracts with film distributors further decrease the flexibility that we’ve had in the past year.

The Theater team prioritizes excellent customer service as a measure of appreciation and respect for our patrons. Serving patrons present at the Theater impacts our ability to respond immediately to inquiries about private screenings, so we have created the following protocol to answer prospective renters:

1. Please read the information below; it will cover most of your questions.
2. Please complete the form below. We will respond within 72 hours.
3. We request a minimum of 14 days advance notice for rentals. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate urgent requests.


A: The Theater will select the Large Screening Room (169 seats) or the Huntington Bank Screening Room (69 seats) for your event, depending on availability. Pricing ranges from $300 (weekdays) to $375 (weekends) for two hours and up to 35 people. Additional guests are $8.75 each.

Rentals include one hour courtesy usage of the Community Room, including tables and chairs, before or after your event. The timing will be coordinated with Theater staff. 

Private viewing of regularly scheduled film: Included in basic rental pricing referenced above.

Private viewing of special request title: An additional fee will be required if the Theater procures copyrights for a special title or classic. These costs typically start at $150 and vary by title and distributor. Disney and Fox do not extend copyrights to rentals.

Private viewing of personally created film: No additional fee, but film must be provided at least two weeks in advance for testing to ensure compatibility. Copyright statement needed.

Concessions will be available, and can be placed on one tab or paid individually.

A: Depending on the film schedule, private screenings can be scheduled Monday through Thursdays. Weekend private screenings are limited to Saturday or Sunday mornings. Pricing ranges from $300 (weekdays) to $375 (weekends) for two hours and up to 35 people. Additional guests are $8.75 each.

A: Typically, we don’t know the cinematic schedule more than a week in advance. Distributors always want to monitor how well their films do over the weekend before they finalize plans for the following week, so the availability of films can change rapidly. We will let you know the confirmed lineup of films as soon as we have it, but it will likely not be far in advance. For those wanting more certainty, we recommend procuring the rights of a classic film.

A: If you would like the Theater to procure a special title or classic, this option includes the base rental fee ($300-$375), plus the cost of obtaining the film (starting at $150, varying by title and distributor.) Disney and Fox do not extend copyrights to rentals. Payment can be made by check, credit or debit card.

Because of the exhaustive number of possibilities, the Theater does not work from a list of possibilities; however, our team is willing to make recommendations based upon your input and audience.

The form below requests your three top choices, in order of preference.

If you would like to screen a film that you have made, the Theater will ask you to provide a statement declaring that you own the copyright for this film. A copy of your film must be provided to the Theater at least two weeks prior to the event to allow time for testing and big screen adjustments. Staff will advise on projection-compatible formats for your film.

A: Concessions can be available, and placed on one tab or paid individually by your guests. Birthday Cake may be shared in the Community Room before or after your screening or gaming event. If you wish to have any other type of food, including catering and alcohol, additional fees may apply. All food served at the Theater must be prepared in registered facilities regularly inspected by the State or County Health Department.

A: Use of the Community Room an hour before or after your screening or gaming event is available free with all rentals. If you wish to have any other food besides concessions and cake, including catering and alcoholic beverages, additional fees may apply.

A: Your date is not secured until full payment is received for private screenings. Within two weeks of the event, refunds are no longer available unless the event must be cancelled because of government-mandated closures or weather/technical emergencies at the Theater.  

With less than two weeks notice, the Theater already has mobilized staffing and adapted its schedule to accommodate your event. Therefore, we cannot facilitate refunds within 14 days notice without impacting overall Theater operations.

For films that we cannot confirm within 14 days of the event, nonrefundable payment is due at the time of confirmation.

A: The Theater has very little control over when distributors confirm their films as showing at our Theater.  At times, especially with bigger titles, it can be 3 weeks in advance. More often, it is days in advance. 

If your film falls under the second category, we will hold the select date and time as tentative and request non refundable payment on the day the film is confirmed.

A: We prefer not to schedule events more than 3 months in advance (School/Organizations/ Corporations, please see a page dedicated to you) and cannot accommodate initial requests received less than 14 days in advance.

Requests received one to two months ahead hit the sweet spot.

A: Yes! The cost for a 2-hour video game session is $300 Sunday through Thursday only. Guests must bring their systems, games and controllers. Our staff would like to test them a few days prior to the gathering to ensure compatibility and smooth operations for your event. If you choose not to schedule a (free) testing, the Theater cannot reimburse rental fees if the system is incompatible.

A: Yes! Please see the page dedicated to your needs.

Private Screenings Request Form