The Tull Family Theater’s priority is to fulfill its mission, with rentals providing a secondary source of  financial support of film-driven programming opportunities. Because the Theater does not have a dedicated events coordinator, rental requests are handled by staff members involved in other activities. The team makes a point to respond within 72 hours of requests.

We kindly ask that you read the information  below, in advance of inquiring about specific rentals; our spaces are not suited to universal needs.  After reading the information below, please contact us at

General Procedures

For events with 75 attendees or more, or any size event where alcohol is served, the renter must provide event insurance. This can be obtained as a rider on homeowner’s insurance, with the company for corporate events or by contacting any insurance provider. Detailed instructions are outlined in the event contract.

Food and drinks—except for birthday cakes—are limited to concessions or to catered food provided by our preferred caterers that have copies of their Health Department certificates on file. The Theater does not welcome food prepared by unlicensed individuals in uninspected facilities.  

Glitter is not permitted in any of the Theater facilities; balloons are permitted only in the Community Room.

The availability of screening room for rentals is very limited and subject to distributors’ requirements. The most flexible day for screening room rentals is Monday. Some Tuesday and Wednesday time slots are available. An extremely limited number of time slots may be available on select Saturday and Sunday mornings. Film distributors see weekends as prime-time opportunities, so afternoons and evenings are dedicated solely to regular screenings.

Pricing reflects current terms and is subject to change. Pricing for all dates under contract will be honored. In addition to the rental fee, please consider that studios charge fees for specially requested films and the Theater charges fees ($50-$150 for technical services beyond a basic introduction, such as a talkback, panel or Question-and-Answer session, depending on the complexity and level of staff involvement).

To secure your date, the Theater must receive payment in full via check, an insurance certificate, and a signed contract.

Screening Rooms

Rented in 2-hour blocks of time ○ Microphone and podium ○ Basic services of projectionist and audio technician ○ 4K projection ○ JBL 7.1 Surround Sound ○ Concessions open ○ Closed captioning and assistive listening devices available

Renter/sponsoring organization is responsible for handling ticket purchases online and/or at the door.

As a licensed exhibitor, the Theater will stringently enforce copyright regulations:

  • If you own rights to the film you wish to view, documentation must be provided, along with the film in an acceptable format—DCP preferred; then Blu Ray or DVD—at least a week in advance of the showing.
  • If you wish the Theater to procedure a film, it can do so at market price plus booking fees, which vary for each film.
  • The unlicensed screenings of DVDs are not permitted, as it could subject the Theater to severe penalties, including loss of exhibitor license.

Screening room availability for rentals is extremely limited and subject to distributors’ requirements.  

Huntington Bank Screening Room

  • 69 seats, including 4 wheelchair accessible spaces and 2 companion seats
  • 21 x 11 foot, 4 inch screen
  • 23 x 56 foot room

Large Screening Room

  • 169 seats, including 5 wheelchair accessible spaces and 6 companion seats
  • 34 X 14 foot, 3 inch screen
  • 37 x 67 foot room

Event/Performance Space: Esmark and Bouchard Family Community Room

Total 8 hours of rental time ○ 2 hours for setup, 2 hours for cleanup ○ 4 hours for event ○ 2,044 square feet ○ Flexible arrangement capacity with space for 150 guests at tables; up to 200 in a lecture-style setting ○ 15 round tables, 60-inches ○ 150 padded chairs ○ Podium available ○ Catering kitchen available ○ Preferred caterers must be used for food and drinks

Rental Costs: Up to 75 people, $500
Up to 200 people, $600
Nonprofits eligible for 20% discount
Cleaning Fee: Due one week after the event. Ranges from $25 to $200, depending on the number of people, timely removal of catering equipment and other belonging, the impact of food and drink, and the state of the room

Rental Form