Dear Friends and Supporters: 

We are ready to welcome you back on Friday, July 10, barring any new governmental recommendations.

Circumstances change quickly, and if additional new state or county requirements are announced, the Theater will comply without hesitation. Please stay tuned for ongoing updates. 

Our priority is safeguarding patrons and employees as we experience the movies together again. We’re getting ready for you and investing in superior indoor air quality, social distancing protocols and sanitizing measures. Our efforts are based on best practices from entertainment and cultural venues nationwide, and comply with local, state and federal guidelines.

A few days before opening, look for a video that will walk you through what to expect when you arrive. Stay tuned here and in our Weekly Update for details.

Your support during the four months of closure, through contributions and gift card purchases, help to ensure the Theater returns to serving the region as a vibrant cultural center.  Click here to donate. Thank you!

The Tull Family Theater Team

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