Rosalind Stanley

Assistant Director of Communications

A newcomer to the Pittsburgh area, Rosalind grew up on the coast of Maine and then
accidentally spent 15 years in the mountains of Virginia. She moved to Ambridge in 2019 when
her husband began classes at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. A longtime devotee of
independent theaters, she introduced her children to The Greatest Showman on the Tull Family
Theater’s big screen in the summer of 2020 and immediately became a supporter of the
organization—perhaps to make up for all the popcorn her toddler spilled on the floor.

Over the last 15 years, Rosalind has utilized her background in acting, writing and editing to a
great degree, serving in both secular and faith-based organizations. A mother of four, she is
passionate about providing cultural, educational and fun opportunities to the region’s children
and families and has organized hikes and museum visits to that end. She is a volunteer at the Iron
Horse Theatre Company in Ambridge and has served as a mentor for high school and college-
aged girls for over four years. In her spare time, she is continuing to make slow progress on a
forthcoming novel.

Rosalind’s taste in movies ranges from The Avengers saga to Megamind to The Painted Veil. She
is known for incorporating The Office or Seinfeld trivia into any conversation without missing a