Since opening in February 2017, The Tull Family Theater has:

  • Attracted over 63,000 patrons and thousands more for events and free performances from Allegheny, Beaver, Butler and Washington counties; West Virginia, Ohio and beyond
  • Screened more than 200 films—new releases, classics, documentaries, educational and foreign films, plus art, music, opera and stage plays on screen
  • Welcomed 927 children from nearby underserved communities, providing transportation and a full cinematic experience at no cost.

Ticket and concession sales are not enough to sustain the theater. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the enthusiasm and generosity of those who donate at the register, make annual gifts, provide rave reviews online, add their names to seat plates in the screening rooms and advocate for the theater.

To ensure that what has been accomplished so far is just the beginning, a new initiative has launched: The Tull Family Theater’s Sustaining Circle. This group of 100 donors are selecting from one of three giving levels and pledging the chosen level for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The three annual giving levels for each of the three years are:

☐ $2,500          ☐ $5,000          ☐ $10,000

While the theater continues to build its audience and funding streams, the Sustaining Circle will bolster the financial foundation of this young nonprofit.

Sustaining Circle members can find satisfaction in having positioned this cultural center for lasting success. A financially thriving asset will be better poised to provide long-term and far-reaching impact across the communities northwest of Pittsburgh.

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The Theater is grateful for its first 11 families leading this initiative:

Shelly McQuone & JEB Blaugrund

Beth & David Genter

Susie & Bob Kopf

Katie & Doug Larsen

Barbara & Chuck Moser

Susan & Chris Pappas

Joan & Bob Peirce

Carol Ϯ & George Shannon

Yaso & Will Snyder

Judith & Steve Thomas

Suzanne & Jeff Watters

Ϯ in memoriam


Sarah Ahmad & James Wilson

Sandra & Renato Bacchi

Susan & Mark Cox

Sylvia Dallas & John Oliver

Carol & Brian Duggan

Amy & Scott Elste

Marcia & David Gordon

Laurie & Rick Johnson

Susan & Greg Kaminski

Darlene Nowak & Charles Harris

Celine & Paul O’Neill

Linda & Michael Orsini

Lisa & Dennis Pegden

Jan & Marc Pereira

The Regueiro Family

Linda & Bill Roemer

Annika & Duke Thomas

David Sculley

Diane & Dick Viall