As a grassroots nonprofit, the Theater exists through the efforts and contributions of thousands of supporters.

Since opening in February 2017, the Theater has:

Screened more than 230 different films; a mix of new releases, independent and foreign films, documentaries, classics, educational and cultural offerings.

Attracted over 100,000 people for screenings and events, with patrons from Allegheny, Beaver, Butler and Washington counties, West Virginia, Ohio and beyond.

Welcomed nearly 1,500 children from nearby underserved communities to watch major releases at no cost to them, providing transportation along with free admission and concessions.

Pioneered sensory friendly screenings in this region for those with autism and special needs, offering new, much-appreciated cultural options that now continue, thanks to external funding.

Presented events  for senior citizens, featuring a cultural film and panel of experts from various fields.

These are just a few of the ways the Theater has impacted the region and made a difference in people’s lives.

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Sustaining Circle members are a major force behind the Theater. Their leadership and generosity make what we do possible, creating cultural opportunities now and for future generations, enabling those who live beyond the city—including those in need—to access arts options.

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Sarah Ahmad and James Wilson

Shelly McQuone and Jeb Blaugrund

Leslie and Matthew Braksick

The DiAndreth Family

Amy and Scott Elste

Jennifer and Brian Fetterolf

Cora Gebhardt

Marcia and David Gordon

Franco and Dok Harris

Ellen and Greg Jordan

Patricia and Jeffrey Kendall

Katie and Doug Larsen

Gwendolyn and David Martin

Barb and Chuck Moser

Celine and Paul O’Neill Jr.

Elaine and Dan Park

The Pereira Family

Linda and Bill Roemer

Melissa and Matthew Sanfilippo

Amy and Sean Sebastian

Yaso and Will Snyder

Carolina and David Thor

Erika and Helge Wehmeier

Sandra and Renato Bacchi

Marie and Peter J. Borstelmann

Susan and Mark Cox

Denise DuFour and Cary Blancett

Karen Fadzen

Eleanor Friedman

The Guy Family

The Jardini Family

Susan and Greg Kaminski

Julie and Juergen Kloo

Barbara LeVoy and Ted Klein

Jamie and George Magovern

Darlene Nowak and Charles Harris

The Mangin Family

Linda and Michael Orsini

Joan and Bob Peirce

Renee and Lucas Piatt

The Regueiro Family

Carol and Gary Schurman

Nicole and Chris Sapio

Beth and John Straka

Annika and Duke Thomas

Laura and John Tippins

Suzanne and Jeff Watters

Sybil and Ivan Baumwell

The Busatto Family

Sylvia Dallas and John Oliver

Carol and Brian Duggan

Kim Roberts and Stanley Ference

Suzanne and Peter Friday

Beth and David Genter

Marnie and Jim Haines

The Huddleston Family

Eszter Jacobs and Christian Stein

Laurie and Rick Johnson

Nicole and Patrick Keane

Susie and Bob Kopf

Jennifer Markus

Eileen and Thomas McConomy

Nancy and Paul O’Neill Sr.

Susan and Chris Pappas

Lisa and Dennis Pegden

Dr. Richard Bowers and Miriam Rader

Beth and Ken Rom

CarolϮ and George Shannon

David Sculley

Neill and Alex Simakas and Family

Judith and Steve Thomas

Diane and Dick Viall

Ϯ In Memoriam

The Theater is grateful for its first 11 families leading this initiative:

Shelly McQuone & JEB Blaugrund

Beth & David Genter

Susie & Bob Kopf

Katie & Doug Larsen

Barbara & Chuck Moser

Susan & Chris Pappas

Joan & Bob Peirce

Carol Ϯ & George Shannon

Yaso & Will Snyder

Judith & Steve Thomas

Suzanne & Jeff Watters

Ϯ in memoriam